Renault Laguna front Seat Exeo

Seat Exeo and Renault Laguna. Sedans three volumes of 4.5 meters and classic design. So are these cars, two family-oriented products that are purchased more out of obligation than passion.

I come on one thing: the key to this face to face is that the Seat Exeo is a product based on a model (Audi A4 B7) that was designed for about eleven years and was released in 2004. The answer to the question (usually) whether it is a good car would be a resounding yes, but accompanied by a "customer needs have changed dramatically in the almost ten years old B7 platform." So I'll start talking about interior space and life on board. In this section, our fellow comes with a slick driving position, comfortable seating, the typical German touch and finishes very good (the materials used the A4 were better).

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