Consumer Test: Seat Exeo ST 2.0-TDI-120

A few decades ago, even among established brands with factory in Spain, had a clear and significant difference between the cars produced here and those who entered or imported, in the first place, because the volume of the latter was subject to a cap of units and secondly, because tariffs fired its price, if somewhat faded below the limit of units known as contingent. Then came an intermediate stage, when our factories began to export small cars manufactured here, generating foreign exchange earnings, and in return got permission to import, without tariff, cars produced in the countries of origin of their respective brands. A peculiar case was that of the PSA Group, which bundled the blanket to the head, and rode the factory in Vigo (basically in CKD), both the CX and even then the Peugeot 504 and 505, although the factory was Citroen.

Since trade barriers are virtually nonexistent in the European Union, this concept that we cared so much time on that if a car was produced domestically, has ceased to be important, and Spanish factories have focused on production models B and C segments, of which exports a high percentage, and the greatest are brought out, and problem solved. But here an exception has arisen: the Seat Exeo. Workload to ensure the Martorell factory, and to reposition the brand in a segment that already played a long with the 1500, and later with the 131 and especially 132, it was decided to build here a D-segment saloon . We do not know when the play was hatched, but the chronology of events: very little over three years, in autumn 2007, presented the current model of Audi A4, so automatically that preceded it went to limbo of the cars, which means pulling the scrapping most specific tools for their manufacture, and that both the brand and its suppliers.

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